The team and our vision. Skopírovať odkaz

First was the research. Later, we wanted to materialise the research results and create a tool for people to manage their finances.


Our story Skopírovať odkaz

The first idea to create the Orange Envelope was born in 2016 at the “Good Pension System” conference, following which we published our research in two scientific monographs and realized several behavioral experiments. A robust microsimulation model is the core of the platform, which a research team has been working on for several years.

Behind the Orange Envelope platform are a number of young but also experienced researchers in the fields of pension policy, financial mathematics and economics. We work with state-of-the-art technologies and validate solutions that are yet to come to the market. We run the platform on Amazon Web Services, which ensures the highest standards of availability, functionality, security and data encryption.

Our Vision Skopírovať odkaz

Research is never-ending and so work is constantly continuing. Our next vision is to create a portal that enables comprehensive management of personal finances, assets and liabilities according to the latest knowledge and research in the field of iALM (Individual Asset-Liability Management), which is mainly developed at the University of Cambridge.

The active management of your personal finances is also supported by various investment and savings strategies, which you will be able to test using a back-testing tool.

Research also includes development and innovation, which is why we take care to apply the latest technologies in the field of security and news from the Fintech world.

Conference “A good pension system” Skopírovať odkaz

Motivation and the first idea of creating the Slovak Orange Envelope.


Monograph “Active management of savings” Skopírovať odkaz

Completion of a scientific monograph on savings strategies.

February 2017

First draft and experiment Skopírovať odkaz

First draft and behavioural testing of the Pension Benefit Statement (Orange Envelope)

March 2018

Introduction of the Orange Envelope Skopírovať odkaz

Presentation of the project “Orange Envelope” at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Slovak Republic, KEA (Club of Economic Analysts), the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic and at an international conference in Brussels.

June and July 2018

First prototype of the “Orange Envelope” Skopírovať odkaz

Combining research and a real-time econometric model into a web application.

January 2019

Monograph “Pension Policy” Skopírovať odkaz

The monograph Pension Policy is about the redistributive and fiscal contexts of shaping policy alternatives.


Study on a European pension product Skopírovať odkaz

Pan-European Personal Pension Product – Some technical considerations on cost, projections and pension benefit statement. BETTER FINANCE, Brussels 2020.

January 2020

Orange Envelope Gala Evening Skopírovať odkaz

Gala evening and presentation of the strategic partner of the Orange Envelope NN Slovakia at the Faculty of Economics UMB in Banská Bystrica.

March 2020

Not only pensions Skopírovať odkaz

The orange envelope has grown and includes investments, loans, real estate, savings and an analytical tool called Analyse and Compare.

April 2020 to November 2021

Strategies and wealth management Skopírovať odkaz

We are preparing a comprehensive personal finance management tool and modernization of the entire website.


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