Is my data secure?

All data you fill in the Orange Envelope is encrypted from the first moment. In addition, personal data is separated from other data, encrypted and stored away from other data. Thus, by disaggregating personal data from product data, it is not possible to link a specific person. The Orange Envelope platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services, maintaining the highest standards of availability, functionality, security and data encryption. At the same time, you always have the option to cancel your account and permanently delete all personal data from the platform without the possibility of recovery. So there is no trace left on the platform after deleting the account. For more information, see Privacy Policy.

Does the Orange Envelope work with personal data?

The Orange Envelope works only with data such as age, education, year of entry into the labour market or number of dependent children. All this information is entered by the user on the basis of his/her decision. This data is needed to create simulations and customized estimates for various indicators to alert you to the impact of changes in legislation on your expected pension, the market risks of a particular financial instrument or a change in personal parameters on your expected pension. For pensions, after the user enters the data, we work with a transaction statement where we only process data such as turnover date, fund name, contribution period, turnover type and number of DJ (pension units) in order to create the most accurate projections/estimates of your future pension. For more information, see Privacy Policy.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, click on “Log in” and then click on the forgotten password at the bottom. Then follow the instructions.

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